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Aonic Flex is the first of its kind in Malaysia – a drone hire purchase program that allows you to make an initial down payment and pay for the remaining balance in 12 affordable installments.

Yes, the concept is like purchasing a car but the key difference with Poladrone Flex is that you do not need to apply for a loan from the bank.

The Poladrone Flex program includes:

· complimentary training session

· a drone of your choice (Pro/Max), 2 batteries and a charger

· customer service (in-store and hotline) and technical support during the warranty period (12 months)

· full ownership of the drone upon completion of installment payments.

Kindly refer to the Poladrone Hire Purchase Terms and Service document.

Yes, the installments are fixed at a 12 monthly repayment period.

To be eligible, you will need to:

· be a Malaysian and hold a valid Malaysian I/C,

· hold a valid car license,

· be able to activate a recurrent charge either on our online system (with your credit/debit card) or via your internet banking, and

· have sufficient funds to pay for the initial down payment and subsequent monthly installment charges

We will need to first assess your eligibility for Aonic Flex program. Upon submitting all the necessary documentation, it will take 2-3 working days for an application outcome.

Yes, you may test fly the drone. But only at the nearest outlet under staff supervision. However, this service will be subjected to availability.

For more information on UAV-related licenses, you may join our training module which is provided for all subscribers.

No. Currently, we do not offer insurance for the drone.

No, as the hire purchase agreement is with you

No, you may not. Once you have commenced the program, you will need to complete the 12 monthly installment payments.

The Mist drone is currently designed specifically for paddy spraying. You may not use the drone for any other purposes.

No, it is not – although we recommend you take it. Apart from ensuring you have all the knowledge and skills to fly the drone, the training session will also ensure that you can maximize the drone’s spraying capability.

Payment related

Depending on the choice of drone, there is first an initial down payment followed by 12 monthly installment payments. For the price breakdown, please refer to our pricing structure her

No, you do not. The Poladrone Flex program is meant to make drone paddy spraying affordable to all.

No, it is not. Depending on the assessment outcome of your application, there may be variation to both the down payment and monthly installment charges. The cost of Poladrone Flex however is fixed.

As a successful applicant for the Poladrone Flex program, the flight training session will be offered to you free of charge.


For the initial down payment, you may pay with your debit/credit card, bank transfer or cash.

The installment payments however require the setup of recurrent charge either on our online system (with your credit/debit card) or via your internet banking.

No there isn’t. You will have full ownership of the drone after completing the installment payments

No. All installments need to be paid via a recurrent charge either on our online system (with your credit/debit card) or via your internet banking.

Yes, this is possible i.e. if you receive a grant to undertake paddy spraying activities, you may use this grant to pay for your down payment, as well as the monthly installments.

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