DJI Matrice 30 Series

Power In Portability

Introducing DJI’s Comprehensive Solution: DJI Matrice 30 Series, DJI Dock, and FlightHub 2 – hardware and software that work together to support the everyday heroes who come to our aid and who protect the foundations that society is built upon.⁠

Dual-vision and ToF sensors on all six sides of the aircraft, and a built-in ADS-B receiver help keep the aircraft and your missions safe.

Together with redundancies, backup systems and an transmission system in the all new RC Plus controller, the Matrice 30 Series drone is not only light and portable, but extremely reliable.


Power In Portability

DJI Matrice 30 Series

Flagship Features

Portable To Go Wherever You Go

Reliable In The Harshest Of Environments

Remote Control Build For Commercial Drone Pilots


Triple-channel 1080p video transmission even in complex environments.


Extended flight time for long complex missions.


The M30 can easily handle adverse weather and temperatures ranging from -20° C~50° C.


Dual-vision and ToF sensors on all six sides of the aircraft, keeping it and your mission safe. Built-in ADS-B receiver.

Capture Everything

PinPoint an object in view, and advanced sensor fusion algorithms immediately deliver its coordinates.

See it all from above with its 200x hybrid zoom capability.

Find hotspots and heat signatures thanks to high-resolution thermal capabilities.

Capture bright, clear images in low-light conditions with Smart Low-Light Photo.

A New Generation of Commercial Drones

Matrice 30
Matrice 30T

Matrice 30

Matrice 30T

What's In The Box

  • Matrice 30 Series Drone
  • RC Plus Remote Controller
  • TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery x2
  • BS30 Intelligent Battery Station 

DJI Flight Hub 2

Stream your missions in real-time and gain comprehensive, Real-time Situational Awareness.
All-in-one ground control platform in a Secure cloud based environment.


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