DJI Enterprise Ecosystem Solution

MP130 V2 Speaker

The digital voice broadcasting system

It is composed of MP series UAV propaganda terminal, handheld microphone, mobile phone APP, remote control APP, etc.

It has the characteristics of high terminal sound pressure, clear voice, strong
penetration and long transmission distance.
Widely applicable to DJI industry UAV and other medium/small UAV carrying.

It plays an important role in mountain and forest search and rescue, park
broadcasting, emergency warning, fire and rescue, emergency dispatching, traffic diversion, military and police on duty, environmental protection propaganda and other scenes.

MP140 Soundwave Disperse and Broadcasting System

Built-in micro camera & strong sound disperse function

MP140 is a special UAV Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), the highest sound volume can reach to 140dB, the farthest sound reaching to distance of more than 1000 meters, in the effective coverage area, it sounds clearly to the object of broadcasting.

With strong penetration, it can effectively transmit voice information to the target, can carry out a wide range of aerial broadcast announcement, suitable for large-scale exercises, rescue scenarios broadcast command and dispatch. 

With strong sound disperse mode, it can be used for strong sound expulsion in mass events and strong sound bird disperse in airports and other scenes.

Product Advantages
  • Maximum broadcasting volume
  • Effective Long Sound Distance
  • Built-in HD Camera
  • Pitch angles while broadcasting
Effective Broadcasting Result
  • Maximum volume up to 140dB
  • Sound pressure up to 120dB at 10m distance
  • Effective sound broadcasting distance 1000m
Multiple broadcasting modes
  • TTS Text-to-Speech
  • Live broadcasting
  • Record file loop playing
  • Memory audio file playing
Built-in Micro Gimbal Camera
  • Tri-Axis Anti-Vibration Micro Gimbal
  • 1080P HD Camera
  • 0-90° tilt adjustment
  • Quick release adapter
  • Efficient heat dissipation and triple protection design 

LP 12 Searchlight & Broadcasting System

Two-in-one payload for DJI M30

LP12 searchlight & broadcasting system is a two-in-one payload specially designed for the DJI M30. LP12 is with a streamlined aesthetic design concept. It challenges the limits of performance while maintaining artistic taste and effectively reducing wind resistance to enhance the endurance of the drone’s flight operations.

The LP12 is the most efficient lighting and sound broadcasting product up to now of CZI, combining the imaging optics of the GL
Series gimbal searchlight with the LRAD long-range sound broadcasting technology of the MP Series digital voice broadcast
system in an extremely lightweight integration.

It weighs only 270 grams, with an effective illumination distance of 150 meters and an effective sound broadcasting distance of 300 meters, which can meet the operational needs of law enforcement patrol and forest search and rescue scenarios. By deeply integrating with DJI Pilot APP, all functions of sound broadcasting and light illumination can be called quickly, making the operation more convenient.

Designed for Brand-new DJI M30
  • Pushing the industrial limits of lightweight design with only 270g
  • Steamline Aesthetic design effectively reduce wind resistance
Quick mount and dismount for easy use
  • Effective sound distance 200m
  • Gimbal synchronization pitching
  • Effective illumination distance 100m
Day and Night patrol
  • Mountian / Forest search and rescue
  • Warning and Dispersal

GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight

Uniform brightness and high colour consistency

The GL60 Plus gimbal searchlight adopts 4 groups of optical imaging components, each group consists of 4 lenses combined, emitting a sharp light column with only angle of 15 degrees, consistent color and even brightness, and stable output of 24lux optimal illumination, effective irradiation distance up to 150 meters.

Its effective illumination area is of 1225 square meters, elevating the aerial illumination effect of UAV night operation to a new standard.

It is compatible with DJI M200V2, M300RTK and other series of UAVs through DJISkyPort V2.0 interface, which can meet the needs of night inspection, warning and disperse and orientation indication, power grid patrol, search and rescue and other night operations.

Product Advantages
  • Lightweight design
  • Large area lighting illumination
  • Maximum lumen
LED linear dimming adjustment
  • High power LED light source
  • Max. power 120W
  • Optimum illuminance 24lux
  • Linear light and dark adjustment
Non-reflective bowl design
  • Imaging-grade optics
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Fully sealed body
  • IP55 water and dust resistant

GL300 Spotlight

Large-scale, long-term emergency lighting

GL300 can directly take power from the drone to meet short time light illumination for the emergency search and rescue needs.

With its portable fit size, strong light flash mode, it meets rapid field deployment for emergency search and rescue, law enforcement, firefight, power grid using for night operations, lighting brightness exceeded 21,000 lumens, using optical lens group, project a clearer and brighter beam at a 45 degree angle, meet a wider range of lighting needs.

Equipped with a three-axis gimbal to bring more flexible illumination angle, it is possible to project strong illumination light to the target location from a safe airspace far from the crowd.

Adopt intelligent standardized quick release interface design, it can be adapted to various industry drones, can be equipped with tethered drone systems or draw power directly from drone batteries. There is also a burst flash mode, and the instantaneous lumens can be as high as 50,000. It can meet the needs of emergency and public security departments for night inspections, special treatment, emergency rescue and other night operations.

Super High Power, Super Brightness
  • 7 LDE lamp beads
  • 300W high power
  • 21000LM Lumens
  • 45 degrees to irradiate a larger area
Dynamic and Static-Safe
  • Gimbal pitch rotation
  • Convenient and flexible multi-angle lighting
  • Matched with tethered power supply fixed point lighting
  • Can be battery powered
Imaging Optics Non-reflective Bowl
  • Optical lens imaging technology
  • Brightness is uniform and clear
  • Non-reflective bowl design
  • No side spots
Standard Interface Universal Mount
  • Adopt DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface
  • Adapt to DJI UAV M200V2 series, M300RTK
  • Optional to universal quick release interface
  • Adapt to more industry drones

IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight

Fiber laser emitting light

IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight adopts the latest fiber laser, the output power is up to 12W, 80x optical zoom, and the maximum
infrared supplementary light distance is 1000 meters.

With DJI H20/H20T and other large zoom pan-tilt cameras with IR mode, it can fill in the light clearly throughout , has the good picture quality and outstanding transmission misty rain haze effect. In addition, the infrared light is imperceptible to human eyes, which can realize concealment beyond visual range.

Through the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, it can be directly mounted on DJI M200 V2 series, M300 RTK . Enable users in the fields of reconnaissance, search and rescue, inspection, etc., to have excellent insight even in the dark

Infrared Supplementary Light, Excellent Permeability
  • Using fiber laser light source
  • Light output power up to 12W
  • Outstanding transmission misty rain haze effect
  • Irradiation distance up to 1000 meters
Linear zoom, Flexible Dimming
  • 80 times zoom
  • Accurate tracking and
  • Linear shading adjustment
  • Flexible control of brightness
Excellent Imaging, Industrial-grade protection
  • Imaging optical lens group
  • The light is clear and sharp
  • Support -35℃ cold start
  • Waterproof and dustproof
PTZ follow, Easy to Control
  • Follow the DJI gimbal camera
  • The effect follows
  • Support DJI Pilot APP
  • Easy to control

FL48 Flashing Light

Suitable for police UAV patrol duty work

FL48 Flashing Light adds Red, Blue, Yellow Flashing function , which is transformed into the UAV flashing light, which adds striking logo for the police UAV and improves the identification degree of the police UAV.

FL48 is applicable to many scenarios such as security and emergency response. In the process of law enforcement and emergency response with UAV, FL48 can play a strong deterrent role and provide identity identification for emergency rescue forces to facilitate the efficient implementation of rescue operations.

Clear Mark
  • Flicker frequency up to 150 times/min
  • Under a hot sun and a clear sky that the lights were still visible
Convenient Control
  • Added blaster signal control box
  • Development based on DJI OSDK
  • Synchronizes the UAV data link
  • Control is safer and more convenient
Easy Operation
  • CZZN software control is adopted at
    the same time retain the suspension
    window function
  • The UAV and FL48 can be synchronously controlled on the PILOT interface
Flexible Power Supply
  • Adapted to DJI M300 RTK UAV
  • Use OSDK port for power supply
    and communication control
  • Reduce out-of-pocket power
  • Streamlined and flexible
    power supply

TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

Complete four throwing tasks in a single flight

TH4 Throwing hook, 310g dead weight, 40kg payload, can complete four missions in a single flight. DJI SkyPortV2.0 interface can be directly mounted on DJI M210V2 and M300RTK UAV for use in emergency rescue, material delivery and other work.

  • Model: TH4 V2
  • Maximum height: 97mm
    (Included Cover)
  • Maximum diameter: 78mm
  • Weight: 310g±5g
  • Working temperature: -20—40 ℃
  • Port Type: DJI SKYPORT V2.0
  • Control mode: DJI PSDK
  • It can mount 4 projectiles at the same time and make them in turn
  • Digital picture tube can display the loading position
  • The maximum load is 20KG, and the maximum load of single throw hook is 10KG (the actual load is subject to the UAV load).
  • Fast disassembly and installation can be

TK300 Tethering Power System

Integrated power supply

New generation tether power supply system – TK300 is coming with fully upgraded. The weight is significantly reduced, the IP protection level increased, two transportation mode is flexible and easy to use in various special scenes.

The unique foldable waterproof stand, combined with working lighting to make the power system easily satisfies the night operation.

TK300 includes two parts: power supply drone end and integrated power supply ground end. The TK300 can convert single-phase or three-phase AC power into DC high voltage and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable to continuously supply power to the drone.

With manual and automatic cable retrieve options, highly integrated ground power supply, high-performance power supply cable, and automatic cable retrieve device. It is light, portable, and highly protective. It can effectively reduce the impact and bending of the cable, and the cable is convenient to
be retracted and released.

TK300 tether power supply system adapts to DJI’s full range of industrial drones, providing up to 80 meters(customized 110 meters) of the power supply cable. It can combine with CZI illumination light and high-power gimbal searchlight and so on to fulfill the need for long-time and large-area emergency lighting, monitoring and rescue scenes.

Power supply drone end
  • 134*92*97 mm
  • 515 g
  • Over temperature protection: 80 ℃
  • Overcurrent protection: Automatic
    protection of airborne power supply
    when output current > 65A
Integrated power supply ground end
  • 560*390*260mm, 13 kg
  • Backpack, Handheld, Portable
  • Ground placement: 2 Folding brackets
    Work Lighting
  • Cable Length: 110m
  • Power Rating: Rated 3.0KW
  • Rated input voltage: AC 220 V±10%
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Long endurance
  • Ground 3KW power
  • Sustainable power supply for drones
  • Long hovering time
  • Accumulator power supply
  • 220V mains power supply
  • Generator power supply

FT10 Spitfire

Flame Thrower for Power Grid cleaning purpose

High-power green laser-aided aiming system “point where to hit”
There is no need to pass the camera during operation, adjust the aircraft attitude according to the actual fire effect to destroy the target object, and lock the target when the fire is sprayed.

Adjustable Direction Sprinkler
During operation, after initial positioning through the aircraft camera, combined with the visible green laser, there is no need to make any adjustments to the aircraft attitude, and the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted accurately to remove obstacles.

Gasification ignition head, no fear of strong wind
By vaporizing alcohol fuel and mixing it with air, it is ignited by a high-voltage arc, which greatly improves the success rate of ignition in a windy environment.

Nozzle valve
Achieve zero delay in fuel switch and solve the problem of fuel dripping. Quickly separate fuel tanks for quick work and increased efficiency.

Powered by one-time compressed carbon dioxide
Replacing the high-voltage electric pump greatly increases the endurance of the aircraft and makes the operation more leisurely. At the same time, it is guaranteed to achieve an absolutely anaerobic safe environment in the system. Adjustable pressure system, so that the fire distance can be adjusted to deal with various complex application scenarios.

The working weight of the whole machine is less than or equal to 3.1kg and does not block the aircraft sensor. It ensures the stability of battery life, and is designed to not block the aircraft sensor, which ensures the stability and safety of flight. Independent control box system, easy to maintain and upgrade.

Matrix Light ML150

Large-area emergency lighting at high altitude

The ML150 Matrix Light power is 150W, with up to 17,000lm lumens per unit and a 48V power supply, making it better for use with the tethered power system.

With a 30-degree high concentration lens, it can effectively gather light and provide a wide range of bright illumination.

It can provide a rapid and wide range of lighting for night emergency rescue, accident processing, pursuit and investigation, film and television filming, and other nightwork scenes

  • Size: 225*39*21mm
  • Weight: <225g ( with fixture)
  • Light angle: 30°
  • Input Voltage : DC 48V
  • Rated power: 150W
  • Luminous flux :17000lm±3%
  • Large lighting range
Lighting Features
  • 30-degree high concentrated optic lens
  • More concentrated lighting illumination
  • Patented ventilation design for efficient ventilation
  • More efficient heat dissipation
  • Support independent battery
  • Support tethered power supply
  • Up to 10 hours of illumination
  • Overheating automatically off
  • Low-temperature automatic recovery
  • Good partner with the tethered power

TD40/TD40 Plus

Drop kit for DJI Agras T40 and T20P

GL10 Gimbal Searchlight

Spotlight for Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

MP10E Broadcast & Pickup

Broadcasting Speaker with Pickup Microphone for M3E, M3T & M3M

GL60 Mini Gimbal Searchlight

Spotlight for Matrice 30 Series

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