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At Aonic, our goal is to build a future-proof ecosystem of solutions that propels traditional businesses forward. Through our 5 business verticals, we are able to provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions that is tailored to your business requirements. 

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Aonic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Point-to-point RTK spraying drone

Open field crop spraying drone

Aonic Software

Full-fledged estate and
plantation Mapping Software

Android-based flight management & telemetry app

Making paddy pesticide spraying easier

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Commercial drones and Payloads

RTK receivers for surveying

Thermal payloads and cameras

Multispectral sensors for agriculture

Multispectral sensors for agriculture

LiDAR Modules

Industrial Software

Photogrammetry drone mapping software

Photogrammetry drone mapping software

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Planning, data processing and analysis, automation of spraying workflows

We help capture data and create survey-grade terrain models for analysis.

Simplify dangerous tasks such as site monitoring, building inspections and stockpile measurement.

Automate routine inspections and enable real-time analysis of equipment health.

Enable fast and critically important response during emergency operations.

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Agriculture Drone Spare Parts


Agriculture drone frames

Brushless motors and ESCs

Agriculture drone Li-Po batteries

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Learn to fly with Aonic

Malaysia’s first CAAM approved Remote Pilot Training Organisation

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